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Clash Of Kings Support

Clash of Kings. Gefällt 3,7 Mio. Grateful for your support in , year-end welfare Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Text „CLAStrm KINGS " "o​. Url: 25,,, Monthly Visits. 4. Alexa Rank. US. Popular in. Up. Service. If you haven_t bound your account with Google+, please contact our customer service via help and support, we will help you find your account as.

A Clash of Kings, Part 2

um die Gesundheit unserer Support-Spezialisten zu schützen. ob ich ein Paket zukaufen weiss aber nicht wie das geht bei clash of kings. Lade Clash of Kings apk für Android herunter. MMO & PvP Strategiespiel: Burg bauen, Krieg führen & Feinde in Echtzeit besiegen. FAQ für HUAWEI Produkte. Weitere Informationen zu 'Kann ich Clash of Kings auf dem P8 lite spielen?' Mit Unterstützung von HUAWEI.

Clash Of Kings Support Newly Presented Knight System Video

Clash Of Kings- Checking Support Instantly!

000 Clash Of Kings Support bei allen anderen Clash Of Kings Support. - Die Beschreibung von Clash of Kings

Es gibt fast keine neuen Spieler mehr und diejenigen die es noch spielen, sind meistens Pdc Tour 2021. Clash of Kings is the popular RTS RPG multiplayer war game developed by Elex that lets you build massive armies, ready to do battle against friends and families all over the world on an epic. Clash of Kings game hails from the Beijing-based video game development studios of Elex Wireless. The latest version; New Crescent Civilization is a continuation or expansion of the classic Clash of Kings saga. Clash of Kings: New Crescent Civilization promises a more expansive experience, new civilizations, new ranking system, and new armies. We try to answer common questions with our FAQs, so please take a moment to browse these helpful articles. The easiest way is to search by keyword, or browse by category. Do you want to contact our Clash of Kings support team? The best way to get a quick reply from us is to send us an in-game message via the "Help & Support" feature. Go to the Settings -> How to Play -> Contact Us, and send us a message anytime anywhere!:). CLASH OF KINGS is a game for android with release date 06/30/ from Elex Wireless. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Qin civilization. Description of the rank system. Green or blue tuning, which one to choose for analysis? I need help. The "Official Position" system allows you to compare attributes. Helm of Regal 1m. How to hide the appearance of a hike? Hi i am playing in kingdome ,after i log in to a log i have in kingdome Merkur Spielothek Bremen i cant log in back to any of my Omnia Casino i have to kingdome i am trying with google to swich account and says me. A large amount of royal Krake Aquarium is required to activate the functions. Level 2 siege weapons are used to gather resources and you can also upgrade them after unlocking higher tier soldiers. Select the specified Scale - Debrief to break the line. For example: cavalry lvl. How to dissolve and leave an alliance? Magic house. In general fees, the attributes of troops depend on each player. The castle in this state cannot be attacked by a projectile. Obsidians of different quality affect the percentage of successful forging:. Castle defense is not a Spielergebnisse Dfb Pokal number. Clash of Kings is the popular RTS RPG multiplayer war game developed by Elex that lets you build massive armies, ready to do battle against friends and families all over the world on an epic. 1/6/ · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue QueueAuthor: Jake LitForNothing. CLASH OF KINGS is a game for android with release date 06/30/ from Elex Wireless. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game.

Besonders attraktiv sind sie, ob sie Clash Of Kings Support kostenlose Muchbetter Einzahlung Clash Of Kings Support mГchten oder nicht. - Screenshots

Ich habe damals sehr viel Geld investiert und musste dann leider feststellen dass das immer noch nicht reichte.
Clash Of Kings Support
Clash Of Kings Support Das Spiel ist der letzte rotzt ; 1 Fehler nach dem nächsten. You can wear the proper dragonglass. Kundenbewertungen Aktuelle Version. Der Karneval zum 6. Jahrestag von Clash of Kings, dem Begründer des Kriegsstrategie-Handyspiels, ist jetzt eröffnet! In den letzten sechs Jahren hat Clash of. Over the past six years, Clash of Kings has won the support of players around the world with its pure and epic war strategy experience, a variety of innovative. Stoppt die Bot Spieler und erteilt Clash of Kings eine Lektion! Support Clash of Kings. Beweise das UOF Bots nutzt ist kein Geheimnis. Clash of Kings. Gefällt 3,7 Mio. Grateful for your support in , year-end welfare Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Text „CLAStrm KINGS " "o​.

PC version means you are running CoKbot software on your own desktop while the Mobile version runs the software on a cloud server that you access remotely.

Cart 0. PC Version Mobile Version. What is Clash of Kings Bot? What features does the Clash of Kings Bot offer? Is Clash of Kings Bot safe?

However, do not worry, the battles are of a training nature and will not affect real battles in case of capture or attack.

After each victory, there will be an opportunity to heal the wounded and restore stamina. The treatment will take time, which depends on the floor, level and number of troops.

The higher the value, the longer it will take to heal. Change of bonus effects. Having won, in addition to items, points will be given.

On every 3rd floor, you can use these points and gold to change the bonus effects of your warriors, which will help you capture other floors.

Bonus effects are active strictly within the Ancient Dragon Tower. Rules for stripping. As soon as more than 10 floors are captured, the sweep function will open.

If the player starts over from the 1st floor, the function will become unavailable. You can view the progress of other players by checking their combat reports and gaining skills.

After fully expanding the part, this part can be converted. The attributes you get by expanding and transforming the same part can be the same or different.

The Reformation consumes 4 basic resources including food, wood, iron and mithril and a White Gold Stone.

The reformation will not take time. Each time you reform your building, you will increase the progress of reforming that part.

When the progress of the reformation reaches maximum progress, the reformation of this part will move on to the next phase. Each time you increase the reform phase of a part, it can significantly increase your attributes.

Each part has 3 ways to reform. Each method will consume different types of resources. Regardless of what resource the reforming method consumes, the consumption of that resource will increase as your reform progress increases.

If you use a certain reform method, the chance of a critical hit will constantly increase. Therefore, do not change your way of reformation too often.

Regardless of which path of reformation you choose, the consumption of the White Gold Stone will increase.

Each part of the buildings has a strong hidden attribute that will be activated after that part is converted to ideal. Exploration coordinates. Mysterious fragment.

When buying Mysterious Gift items in the store, you will receive a Mysterious Fragment for the same amount. In the Jewelry lottery, you can use gold and diamond to buy a Mysterious Fragment.

Used to produce all kinds of cannonball in the ammo camp. How to get: By purchasing packages and getting the chance to buy them from the Traveling Merchant.

Random teleport. How to get the:. Holy candles. At the end of the Great Crusade, holy candles can be sacrificed to bring back the exiles.

Affected units, having become exiles, are distributed over two rooms - the royal and personal. You can return Exiles in the Personal Room.

The exiles will return depending on the ratio of their total number and the number of sacred candles donated by the players of the whole kingdom in the royal room.

Gift envelope. With a gift envelope, you can send items to other players. Only one item can be inserted in a gift envelope.

Not all items can be put into a gift envelope eg dragon coins, 5,, food, another gift envelope, etc. Before sending items through a gift envelope, a list of items that are not available for attachment will be displayed.

To receive a gift envelope, click on the gold icon in the upper right corner. Here you will find gift envelopes available for purchase. What is the wheel of fortune?

The wheel of fortune can be found in the tavern. For each turn of the wheel, units are removed. Every day there is a chance of one free spin server update time 00 hours.

What is a Lucky Chest? By spinning the wheel of fortune, there is a chance of dropping a chest of luck. Opening the chest you will be shown 9 cards with rewards.

By clicking on "Shuffle", the face of the cards will be hidden and they will be shuffled. You can get a reward by flipping cards and spending dragon coins.

Coup price:. What is a reward multiplier? A special gift can be found in the chest of luck - a multiplier of rewards.

Each time you receive it, the amount of the next reward you receive will increase by the corresponding number of the multiplier. When two multipliers fall out, the addition of their powers will occur.

Test field. Each lord has 1 free chance to enter the Test Field every day after that you can enter with gold or a Scroll of Tempering.

Attack the monsters on the world map and you will have a chance to get the Tempering Scroll, which is used to increase your chances of entering the Challenge Field.

You will receive 15 free attack chances every time you enter the Challenge Field. You can also spend Gold to buy attack chance. Every time you attack a monster, your attack chance will be reduced by 1, regardless of whether it is a normal attack or a critical hit.

When entering the test field, the player will have access to 3 methods of attack: sword strike, lightning discharge and fireball. Each type of attack deals damage in 1 unit, 3 units.

During an accumulated attack, the amount of damage can be increased by 3 times. The more links in the chain of attack, the more damage.

After a successful attack on the monster, the chest it guards is given. When using the chest, a rich reward is given.

Roulette of crystals. Consume gold to spin the roulette wheel and you have a chance to get a different amount of crystal or dark crystal 1 free chance every day.

Daily activity. Every day, players can earn active points by completing various daily quests. After the number of active points reaches a certain amount, players can collect daily chests with rewards.

After accumulating a certain number of active points per week, players can also collect weekly chests with active rewards.

How to play? In the world of Clash of Kings, you will play as one of the lords and rule your kingdom. Under your leadership, it will grow stronger until one day you become the great emperor of the entire kingdom, and even the world.

Upgrade buildings, train soldiers, research technologies - all this is the key to the development of a powerful empire. Develop internal sources of resources and develop external ones - thereby creating a solid foundation for your kingdom.

By joining the alliance, using the teleport for beginners and the help of allies, you can effectively defend your city.

Destroy monsters on the map and gain experience for your lord. Discuss the game with your friends, making it easier and more interesting!

How do you attack monsters? Many monsters of different levels are distributed around the world. While on the world map, you probably noticed centaurs, griffins and other creatures - they are the very monsters.

The number next to the name indicates the level of the monster. For the first kill, you can get a significant reward.

Repeated destruction of monsters will bring you not only resources, but also the opportunity to get valuable items. After destroying a low-level monster, the right to kill monsters on a higher level is given for example, an attack of a level 5 monster is possible only after defeating a level 4 monster.

After the battle, there are wounded who must be placed in the medal tents. Inheriting this rule will lead to their death. Novice Peace Shield.

During this period, the castle will not be attacked by other players. Actions related to war reconnaissance, attack, rally, capture of buildings in DP, battle for the Throne and other activities will break the Peace Shield.

Early stage. Technology research is the most important early stage activity. Stage of development. Castle development and castle defense are also important.

First of all, you must develop the defense of the castle to ensure your safety. Then you can improve the development of the castle.

Further stage. You must pay attention to military technology. Since military technology cannot affect troops immediately, you must develop it to a later stage and ensure that your military technology is advanced.

Instead of an offensive strategy, defensive strategies are more recommended so that you can develop in a safe state. If you are always using offensive strategies, it is difficult to stay away from your offensive technology and sufficient units to attack.

Always maintain a technological and defensive advantage. The importance of resources. Resources are the first major issue that players must solve in Clash of Kings.

When you first start playing, you can train Level 2 Siege Weapons first and increase the level of technology in resource and urban development of academies.

Then you can train some soldiers who are enough to defend your castle. Level 2 siege weapons are used to gather resources and you can also upgrade them after unlocking higher tier soldiers.

Save your resource boxes and use them whenever necessary. Use haste items after your castle reaches Lv. Items of acceleration are extremely necessary in battles for the throne.

The number of soldiers. In order not to waste resources before your castle reaches ur. The attributive bonuses that equipment represents are very important.

Lower quality gear is not recommended. Only orange or better gear is valuable. The attribute bonuses provided by science are very useful.

Research castle development technologies and resources before your castle level is lower than lvl. Research equipment technologies when the level of your castle is below lvl.

Research technologies related to combat after the level of your castle is higher than lvl. Shield of the world. Do not attack others unless it is necessary to avoid unnecessary losses.

Long-term Peace Shield is recommended. Join an active alliance with many members and allies can defend your castle.

Hero Builder. The hero builder is very important in the initial stages of development. His exceptional talent will reduce construction time and resource consumption, and using his active skills, your next construction activity will not cost you food and wood, iron or mithril.

After raising a hero to 4 stars, his active skill will reduce the consumption of signs of greatness for improvement or construction.

With this hero, you can progress much faster than others. Goddess of the harvest. It increases your income. Her talent will increase the storage capacity and income from resources in the castle, her skill will also increase your speed of gathering resources on the world map.

Her active skills can complete your entire collection of resources on the world map in a few seconds. A very useful hero to help you develop.

Hero is a bachelor of alchemy. It can dramatically reduce research time and resources when researching technology at the academy.

His active skills are similar to those of the Creator. After using his active skill, your next research in the academy will not consume food, wood, iron or mithril.

By upgrading it to 4 stars, it can even reduce the consumption of Science Stone for research. Occult sage. It can save you a lot of time and resource consumption when you can study science in the Tower of the Sage.

After using his active skill, your next occult analysis will not consume food, wood, iron or mithril. If you want this hero, just buy it.

Why did my castle teleport? The king and judge of the kingdom are allowed to use the Order of Destruction, which allows them to destroy the castle at the coordinates of the target.

The castle at the coordinates of the target will be teleported to random coordinates if the castle with the given coordinates is protected by the Peace Shield, the castle will also be teleported, and the Peace Shield will remain.

After the attack, the defense of your castle will be reduced. As soon as your castle defense is reduced to 0, it will be teleported to a random location.

When you return to your kingdom after joining any cross-server event, your castle will not return to its original coordinates, instead, your castle will be teleported to a random location in your kingdom.

How do I create and delete coordinate bookmarks? Click on the map image in the lower left corner. Subsequently, you can find all the bookmarks entered by clicking on the image of the book in the lower left corner.

By clicking on a bookmark and sliding it to the left, the options for changing the name and deleting will become available.

Will the gathering troops in the castle be attacked? In normal situations, the troops that join the gathering in your castle will not join the battle that took place in your castle.

They will not be attacked by other lords and will not defend your castle. One game account supports only one lock. All other castles belong to other players.

Why does the freeze meter appear when using the peace shield? If the player has performed acts of aggression while the peace shield is active, its effect is terminated.

In case of reactivation, you must wait until the end of the countdown on the freeze counter. What determines the time of the freeze counter?

The freeze counter time is determined by the remaining duration of the peace shield. The longer the residual duration of the current world shield, the longer the freeze period before the next possible use.

What kind of actions fall under acts of aggression? Acts of aggression that cancel the effect of the peace shield include: reconnaissance, attack, gathering of troops, capture of buildings in the "Dragon Battlefield" modes, the battle for the throne and others.

Will the freeze counter appear if I activate a new shield while the current one is active? No, this action will not cause the freeze counter to appear.

The system does not impose a freeze counter if the peace shield malfunctions in Ancient Battlefield and Dragon Battlefield modes.

How to hide the appearance of a hike? Enter the World Map, expand the map with both hands, at maximum expansion, "hide the appearance of the campaign" will appear.

How do I add friends? Click Lord Details - Add Friends. Click on the building in the Castle House of Brotherhood Friends to check the information about your current friends.

How do I remove friends? Click Brotherhood - Friend. Mail - Message - Multi-user chat - Top right - Exit the chat room and delete all messages.

How to add a friend to the Family? Click in the castle House of Friends of the Brotherhood. Click on the avatar of the friend you want to add to Family: Add to Family.

You can move a friend to a group of friends: Family. How do I get VIP points? VIP points are awarded for the time spent in the game.

The longer the duration, the more points and rewards received. In addition, you can also purchase points and raise the level of the VIP status by clicking on the "Add points" button.

This method is one of the fastest. In addition, VIP points can be earned by completing tasks, participating in events, etc.

How to upgrade your VIP status? The VIP status system is subdivided into 10 levels. By clicking on the "VIP" button next to the avatar, the main window will open, where the player can check the current status level, the current number of points and the number of points required for the next level.

Being online for a set amount of time, you will be awarded points, thanks to which the VIP status level is increased. Description of the rank system.

The system is a collection of ranks and glory points obtained in the game through participation in different battles.

Each week, based on the ranking by rank points, you can increase its level. The higher the rank, the higher the bonuses, the more varied items and equipment in the store, and more skills are available.

Ways to get rank points:. Promotion of rank. Rank points are calculated for 10 kingdoms that make up 1 group.

Each week, a ranking is compiled by player rank points. The chance of getting promoted depends on the rankings.

After summing up and drawing up a rating, from the next week, rank points are reset and so on. Each week, players receive a reward based on their ranking.

After a certain period, the rank points and rank level will be reset. The spirit of the ancestors.

Four civilizations have their own Ancestral Spirit. Researching different Ancestral Spirit technologies requires varying levels of popularity. In order to research some specific technologies, you need to research the previous technologies first.

Attribute: An Attribute bonus gained through Ancestral Spirit research technology will persist. The attribute bonus provided by technologies from different Civilizations can be tricky.

The bonus will not change if you switch your civilization. You can research the legion technology of the corresponding civilization to unlock lvl 12 troops.

When attacking monsters on the world map, there is a chance to drop a tempering scroll, which allows you to enter the test field.

Every day, the lord has a free opportunity to enter the test field once. Additional quenching scrolls can be purchased for gold.

Each time you enter the test field, you will be given 15 free attempts to attack monsters additional attempts can be purchased for gold. Each of the types of attacks deals damage in 1 unit, 3 units.

Royal Hall. The Royal Hall is the place where the various functions of the king and ministers are activated. Here they can conduct such political courses as "Shock Construction", "Restoration" and others, as well as bargain on the black market, forcibly move castles, etc.

A large amount of royal silver is required to activate the functions. Royal Silver is collected and deposited by common players who can also use it for subversion, preventing the king and ministers from using the skills.

Learn more about the skills at the Town Hall and the Foreign Office. Search for ruins. Click on the world map on the left side of the game interface.

Then you will travel to the world and you can find the Ruins with blue light. You can explore the ruins to protect your troops. You can gain some resources and experience while exploring the ruins.

If you have saved some defensive energy, but the portal is occupied by players from another Kingdom and they continue to garnish it, only defense will be reduced, and the defensive energy you saved will not be reduced.

If you pick it up again, you will need to repair the portal first. When your portal reaches maximum defense, you will continue to accumulate defensive energy.

Protected resources. Protected resources are all those that are obtained by using the corresponding items. Protected resources are used as usual and are consumed when upgrading buildings, training troops, etc.

In the presence of conventional and protected resources, ordinary resources are spent on the maintenance of troops. Currently, shipment of protected iron and mithril is not possible.

Benefits of Protected Resources:. Flower function. Each flower sent will bring you 1 charm. The charm will be counted after each round and you will receive additional attributes according to the charm you receive.

Do not send flowers in cross-server status. Ratings include:. Camps will randomly appear on the world map, random heroes will be placed in them.

If you defeat the hero in a certain amount of time, you can earn bonus items such as Lucky Stone and others.

Cok is unfortunately stopped. This message being displayed since 2 days. What should I do. I have reinstalled and uninstalled the game twice but it did not work.

This message being displayed since 3 days. Playing CoK on Facebook is terrible. Playing CoK on Facebook is also super slow and heats up my computer really badly.

My computer is only a couple of years old and has a relatively new graphics card, too. Why does it suck so bad? Clear the cache.

Has anyone had any goitches with the new update locking the out of being able to upgrade, train troops and so on? I am using an old iphone and after the update, nothing works in game, except collecting rss and research stones.

Is there an eta on when it will come back up? Is it down fire everyone? Will we be compensated? I agree as well. This is ridiculous.

I have been playing for 3 years to the day. I just received a mail from cok congratulating me on my 3 year birthday. This has been a money game from the start.

Yes, a pay to win. You are still not as big of a player unless you are a Chinese player. Every time you see a made in China label on your purchase of clothing, appliances, hand held devices, etc.

You are paying their salaries. Try to keep purchases for your own country made products. I am waling away from this money pit.

For at least a year now, The computer version does not update like the tablet and Cell phone version, You can not see things on computer as you can on tablet or cell.

You do not get your mail correctly, You can not participate in anything that is sent thru the in game mail system.

With little to no res. Now I find out that without 25 members I can not even build a fort or alliance mine?! Firefox refuses to load it at all for the last year or so.

Edge was loading it until Friday June 8th I am not spending anymore on this. All browser windows facebook account issues.

Review from kindom Open fine, then the BAD things come… it keeped loading, close the game, no marches, no troops. BUT for the enemy everything looks to be fine.

But it happen EVERY dragon campaign to all alliance members and we are from all part of the World with all kinds of internet conections. Unable to load game..

If you encounter this situation, please wait patiently. Version 6. Event Previews 1. Bloody Rose Event Time: Dec. Hero recruitment probability increased December 2-December 8 The probability of drawing Tiger Warrior is doubled!

Function Adjustment and Optimization 1. The Prosperity transformation - Aurora set is now online. Designed for heroes to wear to help improve your army training, with hospital capacity increase and rations consumption reduction.

Great game. Have been playing daily for several years now. ELEX needs to come up with a formula that separates the big money spenders from the others who play the game on a budget.

Not at all. ELEX is certainly entitled to a profit. You just need to separate these massive castles that have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars building their castles from the rest of the players.

We love the game and the friends we have made while playing. Dont ruin it all by ignoring this one big issue. I have played this game for over and month and enjoy the game.

The one-star review.


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