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Ai Weiwei Berlin

Ai Weiwei präsentiert in Berlin eine Reihe mit seinen Filmen, die nächste Woche im Kino Babylon zu sehen ist – und schimpft erneut auf die. Seit der chinesische Dissident und Künstler Ai Weiwei nach Deutschland ausreiste, hat er ein gravierendes Problem: Das Interesse an ihm und seinen. Vor Unternehmern des VBKI spricht Ai Weiwei über Kunst und Politik. Und er erklärt, warum ihn Berlin enttäuscht hat.

Ai Weiwei: "Evidence"

Vor Unternehmern des VBKI spricht Ai Weiwei über Kunst und Politik. Und er erklärt, warum ihn Berlin enttäuscht hat. Der chinesische Künstler Ai Weiwei klagt mit seiner Kunst immer wieder Missstände an. Bei der Eröffnung seiner Filmretrospektive "Censored". Ai Weiwei will Berlin verlassen und teilt aus. In einem Interview mit der "Welt" kritisiert der Künstler und Polit-Aktivist das gesellschaftliche Klima.

Ai Weiwei Berlin Ai Weiweis umfassende Ausstellung in Düsseldorf: "Wo ist die Revolution?" Video

Germany: Ai Weiwei condemns Berlin's lack of action on China as film screenings cancelled

In , the AFD — the anti-immigrant, right wing populist party with far-right elements — entered the federal parliament for the first time with Ai believes the country has become indifferent to the suffering of others, both within Germany and outside.

And that Nazism perfectly exists in German daily life today. Then there is his own experience. He mentions the three times he has been thrown out of taxis.

There was no overt racism, he says, but he was pretty sure what lay beneath it all. Tell me, I say. Where was this? Berlin, every time.

And another time in a taxi, the driver was listening to music and my phone rings. My mum calls me from China, I have to answer. Ai has spent his life fighting for justice.

His father, the poet Ai Qing, was sent to a labour camp in the countryside for criticising Maoist communism. Ai shows me a photo of the family home — a cave in the middle of nowhere.

How did he cope with his change in circumstances? He was a really passionate, romantic fighter. A soldier. He always talked about justice, beauty and integrity.

Open menu Menu. Europe Germany Berlin Art. Brienne Pierce. Add to Plan. Give us feedback. He took the year lease on his Berlin studio in when he was starting to worry about his safety — his freedom — in China.

He was right to be concerned: in April , he was arrested and jailed for 81 days on insubstantial charges. His passport was confiscated and only returned to him in , at which point he came to Germany.

Before Ai was an artist, he was an architect, and it shows. The studio now has natural light from goodness knows where, and is clinically clean and dry.

For the most part, anyway. A while back, he discovered water dripping from the ceiling, so he went to see his upstairs neighbour, the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, about it.

At the end of last year, he moved with his partner and year-old son to Cambridge. In January, he gave an interview to the Guardian in which he was so excoriating about life in Germany that you might imagine that he would never set foot in the country again.

What has been the reaction to these comments in Germany? He has to keep his studio in Berlin for now, but would like to relocate.

You should understand both ends. One of the differences Ai sees between the UK and Germany is the engagement with his work and his opinions.

He says that he has done more interviews in one week with the British media than in five years with German outlets.

On the evidence of this feature, a You Ask the Questions special, there is certainly an intense fascination with Ai in Britain there are also at least a couple of questions from Germany, and submissions from all over the world.

You have moved to the UK just as we leave the European Union. What does the idea of the nation state mean to you? If you take a historical view, our map is always changing.

It continues to evolve. What is the most satisfying thing to you about being an artist? To not even think that I am an artist has been very satisfying for my work.

In free societies, people often have the romantic feeling that better art is produced in circumstances of hardship.

What would you say to that? Chinesisches Geld stecke zum Beispiel auch in der Filmproduktion. Selbst das Berliner Filmfest beuge sich dieser Macht und ihrem Einfluss.

Auch der Film "I Can't Remember" des Dokumentarfilmers und Schriftstellers Zhou Qing über die chinesische Kulturrevolution sei nicht angenommen worden, weil man sich der chinesischen Zensur unterwerfe.

Zhou, der wie Ai in Berlin lebt und mit ihm befreundet ist, bestätigt diesen Eindruck: "13 chinesische Filme wurden auf der Berlinale gezeigt, und alle hatten das 'Drachensiegel' der chinesischen Zensurbehörden", sagte er gegenüber der DW.

Als der weltberühmte, dem Pekinger Regime eigentlich nahestehende Regisseur Zhang Yimou seinen Film "Eine Sekunde" aus unerklärlichen Gründen zurückziehen musste, habe man dessen alte Autoritäten verherrlichendes Monumentalepos "Hero" gezeigt.

Ai Weiwei gehörte, was nicht allgemein bekannt ist, gemeinsam mit Zhang Yimou und dem Regisseur und Autor Chen Kaige zur ersten Studentengeneration nach der Kulturrevolution an der Pekinger Filmhochschule.

Auch er selbst sei ohne Heimat, nachdem ihn China zurückgewiesen habe. In Berlin sei er wiederholt diskriminiert worden, auch dies sei ein Grund für seinen bevorstehenden Weggang.

Engagiert und streitbar war Ai Weiwei schon immer. In , over 1 million migrants arrived in Europe by sea routes. Since January, more than have perished while trying to make treacherous sea crossings, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Was für eine Gesellschaft ist das, wenn man essenzielle Werte nicht schützt? Es ist billig. The Chinese artist has lived and worked in Berlin since leaving his homeland in and is now pondering his next step. Sie wollen stolz sein, sie wollen das Richtige tun, dafür haben sie sich sehr angestrengt, weil sie eine so dunkle Vergangenheit haben. Solche Märkte gibt es überall, aber so ein Forschungslabor nicht. The lights were kept on in his cell day and night. Er lief jetzt in Sundance. Ich habe drei Jahre lang an der Universität Pelican Casino Künste unterrichtet. Haben Sie Ihre Filme dort eingereicht? How did he Tropicana Las Vegas with his change in circumstances?

Um einen Ai Weiwei Berlin Eindruck zu bekommen, wird. - Ai Weiwei: "Peking kann jederzeit zuschlagen"

Das Land sei intolerant, bigott und autoritär, sagte der Jährige dem Bettingclosed. Lars Penning. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Am
Ai Weiwei Berlin It only took one night for his Manchester Sevilla fully to take shape. To Pship the demolition of his atelier and annoy the authorities, Ai Weiwei organized a freshwater crab festival. Arts Artist Ai Weiwei says goodbye to Berlin after three years in exile The Chinese artist has lived and worked in Berlin since leaving his homeland in and is now pondering his next step. Chinese artist Ai Weiwei during his visit at the makeshift Indirekter Freistoß Im Strafraum camp of Idomeni in northern Greece, at the Greek — Macedonian border Shutterstock. Mon 10 Dec Ai Weiwei made headlines recently, first when he closed his exhibition in Copenhagen to protest one of their new asylum laws and then shocking the world when he posed as the drowned Syrian toddler. Ai Weiwei Wraps 14, Refugee Life Jackets Around Berlin Landmark By Kristine Mitchell on February 16, A new installation by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei makes use of thousands of life vests collected from Syrian refugees entering Europe via the Greek island of Lesbos. Ai’s 4,m 2 studio is 46 steps, or 10 metres, below ground in a former brewery in the north of Berlin. The decision to be subterranean is a very deliberate one, he says. “In my New York studio. Stools () by Ai Weiwei, courtesy of Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin Now the Chinese artist has drawn on the stool part of that French surrealist's pioneer work for his latest exhibition, the largest ever devoted to Ai, which opens in Berlin this Thursday. 3, Ai Weiwei’s studio can be found behind unmarked, black metal doors in a grand square in the old east Berlin. You immediately descend two flights of very steep stone stairs before emerging. 3/22/ · Ai Weiwei in his Berlin studio. Photograph: Steffen Roth/The Observer “When a friend showed me the space, it was in a very bad condition,” Ai recalls. This time Ai Weiwei has collected over 14, life jackets and has tied them together, draping them up and down the columns of the Berlin jackets are coming from Lesbos or Lesvos, a Greek island that acts as a middle point for those Syrian refugees fleeing from their homeland on their way to Europe. The island was first made popular by its abundance in the Homeric epics. 4/24/ · At Berlin Refugees, we love to feature what people are doing to bring attention to the refugee crisis and help refugees here in the city. We were more than thrilled when Chinese artist Ai Weiwei Author: Cheryl Howard. Der Künstler über schwache Deutsche, faule UdK-Studenten und darüber, was passiert, wenn China eine Erkältung hat. Ai Weiwei präsentiert in Berlin eine Reihe mit seinen Filmen, die nächste Woche im Kino Babylon zu sehen ist – und schimpft erneut auf die. Die Ausstellung des chinesischen Künstlers Ai Weiwei im Berliner Martin-​Gropius Bau hat bislang 55 Besucher angelockt. Ausstellung "Evidence" von Ai Weiwei im Martin-Gropius-Bau: Öffnungszeiten, Eintrittspreise, Verkehrsanbindung.
Ai Weiwei Berlin
Ai Weiwei Berlin


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